1st  2nd 3rd4th 5th6th
7th8th9th10th11th12th: Free Live Music – Dan Patterson 7pm13th:  Free Live Music – Brady Hulsey 8pm
14th15th16th: Free Live Music – Brady Hulsey 8pm17th18th19: Free Live Music- Clay Shelburn 7pm20th: Free Live Music- SmokinMaxx 8pm
21st22nd23rd24th25th26th: Free Live Music- Steve Hamende 7pm27th: Free Live Music- Steve Hamende 8pm


1st: Free Live Music - Steve Hamende2nd: Free Live Music - Dan Patterson
3rd4th: Half Price Glasses!5th6th: 25% Off! Wine Down Wednesday!7th: Pint Night! Free Pint Glasses!8th: Free Live Music-Mike Stanley9th: Free Live Music - Donnie Evetts
10th11th: Half Price Glasses!12th13th: 25% Off! Wine Down Wednesday!14th: Pint Night! Free Pint Glasses!15th: Free Live Music - Steve Hamende16th: Free Live Music - Steve Hamende
17th18th: Half Price Glasses!19th20th: 25% Off! Wine Down Wednesday!21st: Pint Night! Free Pint Glasses!22nd: Free Live Music - Brian Bell23rd: Free Live Music - Mike Stanley
24th25th26th27th: 25% Off! Wine Down Wednesday!28th: Pint Night! Free Pint Glasses! 29th: Free Live Music - Dean Seltzer 30th: Free Live Music - Dan Patterson
31stJan 1st: Happy New Year!

They Say Everything’s Bigger in Salado, Texas

Our craft beer selection is no exception

With our wine and beer selections constantly changing, you will never have the same selection twice! We have the largest selection of specialty beers wthin 200 mimles, and new seasonal beers are added daily. You could order from a selection of five or six subpar wines, or you could switch tactics. Ditch that list and come to Chupacabra Craft Beer and Salado Lone Star Winery. We offer:

  • 200+ wines
  • 60+ craft beers
  • $10 wine and beer flights
  • Dog and children friendly atmosphere
  • Free live music

Make the evening memorable! Our friendly staff will be happy to help you with your beer selection. Come in daily for beer and wine tastings! Remember that friends, family and dogs are always welcome at Chupacabra. You can even get your photo taken with the chupacabra for free!

Weekend relaxation is all yours in Salado

Weekend relaxation is all yours in Salado

Keep an eye on the Chupacabra’s event schedule. We strive to be a hub for community activity and celebration. Our weekend food trucks draw a crowd – so arrive early on Saturdays and Sundays for good eats. If your band is interested in performing at our venue, contact us for details.